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Power Hour

Mission Statement: Preschool Power-Hour exists to strengthen families with young children by offering them a program rich in spiritual, intellectual, physical, creative, and social parent/child bonding activities.

 Power-Hour fills two great needs: 1. It supports and strengthens families as they fulfill their vocations as Christian parents and children. 2. It provides a great outreach opportunity for those in our community who need to know their Savior.  It helps us equip parents with the tools they need to prepare their children for life, and for the life to come.

 Power-Hour was developed by an ELS church in Washington state and is being used very 

 Power-Hour Schedule

6 PM – 7 PM  Power-Hour

7 PM – 7:30 PM Parenting Bible Class

What happens during Power-Hour?

        Sign-in and Table Activities

        Welcome Song


        Bible Story

        Bible Story Activity

        Craft Time

        Choice Time

        Story Time

        Rocking Song

Parenting Class – Child care is provided for those children who can crawl and older. Those who are younger may attend class on their parent’s lap.


Dates: September 6, 20; October 4, 18; November 1, 15.